What about a four day work week for Sri Lanka

What about a four day work week for Sri Lanka

A four-day workweek is a proposal that emerges once in a way gets forgotten after some time. However, it is not a secret that many in the service sector would jump for it if the opportunity is available. Undoubtedly it will relax the service sector and save some scarce resources. What s unknown is the impact on the economy.


Now there is a way of finding out what will happen, at least to some extent. That’s by taking a closer look at what Spain is going to do.


Spain is about to ask hundreds of companies to join in a four-week work program and  Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s administration has agreed to put 50 million euros ($59 million) of public money into a three-year, nationwide program.


New Zealand


The idea of a four-day workweek is catching on in some parts of the world. Unilever Plc is doing a trial in New Zealand, and Japanese lawmakers are discussing a proposal to grant an extra day off. German Technology Company Awin started cutting hours while maintaining salaries and benefits last spring, and says sales, employee engagement, and client satisfaction all rose.