We are becoming Anti-Biotic Resistant

We are becoming Anti-Biotic Resistant

We are becoming Anti-Biotic Resistant

Before Sir Alexander Fleming invented Anti-Biotic as a medicine people were more scared of bacterial infections than of they are scared of viruses. With the presence of medicine that can treat bacterial infections in Today’s world its considered a minor infection to have a flu caused by bacteria.

But it’s important that Todays generations realize what was it like out there in 1900 before the invention of antibiotics happened. Can you believe people dying due to common flu and cold? Think of a simple wound getting infected and becoming deadly. Having a child for a woman was considered a very dangerous as both mom and baby could be exposed to germs than can get infectious.

Heard of “black plague” that killed around 475 million people around the globe and that seriously reduced the population of Europe. Yes, that was a bacterial infection too can you believe how lethal bacteria could become if we didn’t have medicine.

Hence it’s very important to know that Anti-biotic tablets are made to solve a very serious problem. Hence the value of this medicine is not easily expressible. Each one of us would have died multiple times by now if it wasn’t for this super medicine.


Over and improper use of Anti-Biotics

Its increasingly seen in Asian countries that people are drinking Anti-Biotics at will without properly getting prescribed, What’s even more worrying is that doctors too write prescriptions that allows people to get Anti-Biotics even though the disease could be from a Virus that entered the system.

Some doctors write the most powerful anti-biotic dosage at the very first stage so that at that point patient is happy to get cured within a day or two.

In some countries at least a week is spent without giving any oral medications so that the doctors have enough time to determine if it’s a viral or bacterial based disease. It’s important to note that it takes few days the body’s immune system to fight the infection which should be granted without providing a boost from the Anti-Biotics. So what should not happen is prescribing these valuable and effective medicines when we are not actually sure if it’s truly needed.

A clear separation is needed that simply explain people Anti-Biotics can only treat Bacterial infections. Antibiotics work against bacteria because they kill these living organisms by stopping their growth and reproduction. So this stipulates that bacterias are living organisms.

Usage of Anti-Biotics too often for wrong reasons and not completing the dosage as instructed could lead to create mutant bacteria’s. These mutant bacterias sometimes becomes really strong that they can survive any anti-biotic medicine. When they reproduce these characteristics are passed down to through evolution creating Anti-biotic resistance bacteria. Some refer to these as super bacteria.

So note that it’s as population all of our responsibility to protect the Antibiotic medicine by improving our awareness on how to use it. Even if we properly use it a mutant bacteria formed in some one else’s body can enter our system and create the same deadly impact.

If we proceed in the same direction with the improper use of Anti-biotics the world will see a black plague again as the super soldier Anti-Biotics will be rendered powerless soon.


- Praveen Nayanananda

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