Basic Rules for Good Cooking
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Basic Rules for Good Cooking

Basic Rules for Good Cooking

 Cooking can be a lot of fun. And when in cooking, if these basic rules are followed its clean and much easier to cook. And you'll love cooking,

# Always see that you have your hands, tools and utensils really clean.


# Assemble all ingredients for a dish before you begin cooking


# Clear up as you work


# Weigh or measure accurately


# Buy a few good kitchen tools rathet than lots of inferior ones


# Learn to use herbs and spices in cooking


# Be adventurous - often you save time and money by trying out new foods and new recipes


# The first time you try a new recipe, follow directions exactly. Afterwards you can decide on any alterations to suit your family.



# Always add garlic at the end as it can be burned within 20 seconds (or less depending on how hot your pan is). If garlic burns, it’ll taste bitter and the aromatic flavour you wanted will be gone.


# Always add the dried herbs at the beginning, add the fresh herbs at the end.


# Always Keep your knives clean and sharp.


# it’s important not to crowd the pan. You want to end up with a texture that’s cooked on the inside and slightly browned on the outside, and a too-crowded pan will make browning impossible because it creates too much steam.



by  Kaushalya De Silva

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