Do you know about Cloud Computing?
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Do you know about Cloud Computing?

Do you know about Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a paradigm that allows on demand network access to shared computing resources. It is imply a model used for managing, storing and processing data online. Cloud computing is based on reference models that can be categorized into three basic service models. They are:


IaaS- Infrastructure as a service

SaaS- Software as a service

PaaS- Platform as a service


Infrastructure as a service

This service offers the computing architecture and infrastructure to all computer resources but in a virtual environment so that multiple users can access them. The resources include, data storage, virtualization and servers and networking. It is to be noted that most vendors are responsible for managing the above resources.


Pros: Flexible

          The cloud itself provides the infrastructure

          Dynamic workloads are supported.

Cons: Network and service issues may occur



Software as a service


This allows to use software applications as a software to end users.

Ex: Online office packages

Popular SaaS providers include, Sales force, Microsoft Office 365, Google and HR Helpdesk.


Pros: Universally accessible from any platform

          Excellent for collaborative working


Cons: Portabilty and browser issue

           Compliance restrictions


Platform as a service


This service is made up of a programming language execution environment, an operating system, a web server and a database. It encapsulates the environment where users can build, compile and run their programs without worrying of the underlying infrastructure. In this model, you can manage data and the application resources. All the other resources are managed by the vendor. Popular PaaS providers include, Amazon, Windows Azure and Google app engine.



Pros: Cost effective rapid development

          Faster market for developers

          Private or public deployment is possible


Cons: Migration issues such as the risk of vendor lock-in

           Developers are limited to the providers’ language and tools.


Companies that use Cloud computing on a major scale include,

Apple Icloud










by Neluka Panabokke

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