Auspicious Times and Directions

How is your day today?
Wednesday, 3 March 2021
Sun Rise - Morning 6.10
Sun Set - Evening 6.20
Inauspicious Time
Day 7.44 to 9.13
Night 5.34 to 6.23
Auspicious Direction - East
Death Direction - North-West
Wednesday, 3 March 2021 - How is your day today??

This week you need to be careful in terms of the relationship. Try to have a prior plan for expenditure for this week to make yourself from the financial crunch. The marital relationship works on commitment and willingness to adapt the change with your partner. There can be a failure in a love relationship which can give stress and emotional setback. The influence of stars can give a loss in investment and gain. Not a favourable time to attain good financial gain you will get confused with various options of investment. Try to stick with your positive thoughts and also stay from an argument during this week. This attitude is going to help you to attain success at your workplace. Students should avoid the wrong company. You are advised to do self-study rather than getting into an argument while having a group study. Try to control your bad habit related to eating and have light exercise.


Try to have a positive and calm approach at the workplace. This week you need to control your speech to have a peaceful relationship with your partner. There can be sudden disagreement with your spouse. You might get attracted to someone and succeed in a love relationship. Ego clashes and arguments because family members can lead to relationship problems. Plan your expenditure and saving in advance for this week. Challenges related to unplanned travelling and unwanted expenditure. Expenses on gifts will be there related to office and family function. Financial planning will be needed for this week. There can be expenditure on travelling and trips with friends and colleagues. Clear all the tax-related matters to stay away from legal matters. There can be long-distance travelling related to your job. Chances of getting a job in a foreign company this week. You might start your own business and also you will get help from foreign friends in that.


Your finances this week would be steady. Some expert management would be of great use this week. All the investments that you earned in the past will be reinvested this week. Therefore, you will be interested in making the most through these income and earnings. Only advice is not to lend money to anyone you are not away from the use and value of money. Careers will also be on an upward trend which will give you confidence. But those into self-employment and business may not see a rise in their income. This will worry some of you. But at the same time, your opportunities to take part in trade conversations or in any convention will give you opportunities that will enable you to improve your scope to grow bigger and bigger in your career. Talking about romance and love life, then week will have something that will be busy and full of fun. Make the most of this during the week


The planets will be moving in your favour during the week. Amid some pressure situations, you are likely to make good progress in your career. You would be full of confidence as your projects and tasks may have a great chance to meet success. There can be several visible opportunities to grab. The week seems progressive, particularly for business persons. Favourable planetary influences may help you take your love relationship to the next level. Also, on the financial front, you may find some good earning opportunities amid some difficulties. It may be a good phase to learn new subjects and develop your skills which may enable you to make progress. Planetary conditions will be much more favourable and hence you may improve your health during this week.


You will have good planetary support which may help you make progress. You may be eager to bolster your finances and trim expenses. It may influence you to resolve some long pending issues. You may be cheered by some monetary gains. But as the week progresses, you will need to watch your steps. You should get introspective and remodel your strategy to close the gaps and weak areas of your life. It may make you restless and impatient at times. But you should remain cool and composed to think clearly. This week may bring more clarity and hence you may feel relaxed and confident about the future of your relationship. But, obstacles and roadblocks may dishearten you. You should not get worked up over petty matters going astray. Gradually, you may climb up the ladder of success. You may face a little hiccup in your studies. Some minor health issues may bother you, hence you should take good care of your health.


Planetary influences may work in your favour on most occasions during this week. A sense of positivity will prevail on the career front but, around mid-week, you may face some challenges. Your patience and ability to slog will be put to a big test. At the same time, you may get enough planetary support to enhance your financial potential. Your temptation of buying your favourite things may cause some disruptions in your financial growth. So, it’s important to focus on your priorities. The time is favourable for non-serious relationships or casual dating. There is a possibility that you may develop new relationships. New ideas and new companions may give you success in your studies. If you direct all your energies towards the positive direction, it may bring you a lot of good insights. Also, you may experience an uneasiness which may cause headaches and mood swings. Too much work-related stress can cause health fluctuations.


During the entire week, you may introspect a lot by thinking about topics, which are above the mundane. You will rise above the strain and stress of your day to day life. You should enjoy it. You will be honest, caring and fit in well with the image of a good husband and father, displaying your sensitive and caring nature which was deep inside you so far. Your talent will get you proper guidance and also get you rid of the fallacies that were in your mind since your childhood. The best way to overcome your present mental status is to create a distance from yourself and see the necessities of your life more objectively. You may want a lot of independence and freedom. You should not be surprised if others, especially your near and dear ones, misinterpret you. For the married women, the motherly affection that you possess will make your children and your friends come in search of you in their difficult times.


You may go out on a short trip to a nearby place this week. But you may get injuries if you are not careful. Take your first aid box and also make sure to avoid any adventurous move that can affect your health. If you have taken up a new job, this week may be good to start working on your assignment. You may choose your work which may be more interesting to you this week. Working with colleagues may be fun and many may extend their support to you. You may feel proud of their support. It will enable you to improve your focus and accomplish the task at hand. New friends may meet you this week and you may improve your profits if you join hands with them. You may be in a philanthropic mood this week. This may popularise you amongst your peers. Many will follow your footsteps.


If you become reluctant in using your analysing power, it may take you into a state of the rut, leaving you with unfinished projects. Therefore, you should use them wisely this week and even act upon the analyses. This will help you make wise decisions. If you are planning to buy a new car, the week is good to do the initial research and even invest in the same. You can pay the token money on Thursday or Friday as the two days will be auspicious. The lucky colour for you may be Yellow/Crème or White. Your love life may be quite average. Misunderstandings can increase, mainly due to poor communication. Some of you may even take your partner’s view a bit too seriously, which is not a good thing to do. Your spending habits may need a curb this week. Spending on movies is not always advisable. On the job front, you may host important meetings. Make sure that your speech is ready in advance.


It’s a good week for those who are in love. You may get more romantic and spend time with your loved ones. You may take time out from your busy schedule. Parents and elders may bring exciting news this week. You may have a family reunion and meet your family members who live far away. You may enjoy and celebrate as such joyous moments come rarely in life. Students may expect some big surprises this week. Teachers may face some problems, however, it may gradually get sorted. If you try to tame students, it may create more problems. During the week, even sincere decisions made by politicians may invite public ire. As for artists, musicians and actors, you may be in great demand this week. You may be in high spirits. You may achieve their long-drawn goals.


A secret in your work and career may get revealed. You should not overstress and avoid negative thinking as it can give you bad health. You may have a small get-together with your in-laws. You may incur unplanned expenses on your family and in-laws. Don’t get addicted to bad habits as it can be harmful to your health. Besides, if you argue it can lead you to depression. Meeting an old friend can give happiness. You may have a small get-together at a business place. The transit of Venus may incline you towards creative work and self-grooming. It may be a good time for the love birds. An opposite gender person may get attracted to you. This week may be good to accept a love relationship with Venus transit in your Sun. This week may give you some valuable time for yourself. You may have some unplanned tasks and responsibilities this week. Transformation in thoughts may give you new direction this week.


Your work responsibility may increase this week. An important deal may get finalized. It may help you a lot at the workplace. You may get to join a job in a foreign country if you were planning to get the same. Working as a freelancer may also give you financial gains. It’s not a good time to give a loan to your friend or siblings. Previous debts may get cleared, this may give you relief. You may get inclined to learn religious scriptures or yoga and meditation. Career or work in religion and spirituality can give you a busy schedule. You may get depressed because of your negative thoughts. You should avoid living alone and should always be positive. There may be small get-togethers with in-laws and with your family members. Research subjects may give you success this week.