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Hi Everyone! We hope this article finds you well and safe. It is a challenging time for all of us where we are all stuck at home during quarantine. We thought this would be helpful to those who are looking for jobs in future as it is significant to prepare one’s self prior to facing an interview. So, these are some winning tips that will help you to face a job interview with confidence.



It is of paramount significance that you do sound research on the respective industry, the company, its culture, values, vision and mission statements, strategies, competition and etc. The interviewer will be impressed to know that you have done your homework and it will showcase your interest in the organization. You should ensure that you are dressed appropriately. The dress code plays a crucial role in an interview and it is essential that the interviewee presents themselves in a business attire. Suits and other professional attire can be cited as examples for business attire. Also you should make sure that your clothes are clean and neatly pressed. The job seekers must arrive early for the interview and it will portray the punctuality, reliability and the enthusiastic traits inculcated in one’s self. Grooming yourself is very important here where you should trim your nails, maintain a fresh breath and set your hair appropriately. Although these might seem trivial, they are being noticed by people. You can also prepare yourself by practicing with some common interview questions and we all know that “Practice makes perfect”. So why not stick to this tip? You need to boost your self- confidence both in looks and behavior. So make sure that you are well groomed, comfortable and confident enough to face the interview. You can take a few copies of your resume to the interview where you can organize the printed material in a folder. So better be prepared! You should never be stressed prior to facing the interview and it is essential that you get enough sleep and relaxation. During the interview, it is required to maintain the correct body language. The job seeker should sit straight with confidence and maintain correct posture throughout. The way you present and handle yourself tells a lot about your personality. Offering a firm hand shake is important as it will instill a sense of positivity and enthusiasm in the job seeker and one should be pleasant throughout the interview. You can speak politely with accurate information and of course to the point! Beating around the bush will make things confusing. You must always be professional and since it is not supposed to be one sided, you should always feel free to ask suitable questions about the company or the respective job position from the interviewer. The job seeker should talk about their strengths with an energetic attitude and be mindful that most of the companies today are looking for the individuals who are inculcated with flexibility and good attitudes as they play a big role in getting the expected work done. You should always remember that competition is quite high in the job market and despite all the paper qualifications we have gained, several aspects such as our soft skills, personality, qualities and attitudes will undoubtedly add more spice to the whole process.


So why don’t you prepare yourself, face it confidently and ultimately get your dream job in life? Trust me … It’s that easy!



By Mekhala Egodawele

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