The advantages of studying Literature
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The advantages of studying Literature

The advantages of studying Literature

Defining the term ‘Literature’, it is simply the study of the English language in a more complex approach, in which the history of English and the depth of how the language is interpreted. There is indeed a huge contrast between English and English Literature. English is commonly a Universal language where as to Literature is the use of the English language in a subtle manner, maybe in a form of a poem, a short story or a novel, which is analyzed and one’s ideas are discussed about someone else’s piece of work.


Moreover, why would one want to study such a subject? Well, there are quite a lot of advantages that could be gained and literature is an exception. For example, one of the advantages are that one could indeed improve with their vocabulary as in literature, we are compelled to read and digest, thus we tend to learn a load of new words and nevertheless understand the change of diction since the historic eras. Relatively, Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ is the best example in highlighting the use of various techniques and language.



Poets and authors of the early days didn’t just write poems or novels for pleasure, some of them did, but most importantly, words were meaningfully used and utilized to depict a reflection of society and life. Most poets who had analyzed the society in a greater depth, interpreted there genuine inner feelings through their work. Sometimes, by reading such, one would be able to realize the strengths and weaknesses that prevail among the society. In turn, this improves one’s knowledge too because certain poems reflect the era’s in which one had never witnessed or experienced.


There can be either positive or negative outlooks in life but it is important that we all know about the society we live in. Life is deep and sometimes complicated but literature has taught us to deal with such issues and argue towards them. Hence, in studying the subject ones thinking capacity and ability to understand improves. Thus in conclusion, literature is about how life is interpreted in words and knowing about the reality along with the other aspects of improving ones vocabulary along with a good understanding.






By Neluka Panabokke

Photo source : Interent