Grade 8 : Life Cycles of Living Organisms - Part 10
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Grade 8 : Life Cycles of Living Organisms - Part 10

Grade 8 : Life Cycles of Living Organisms - Part 10

It is quintessential that one is equipped with sufficient knowledge about the life cycles of the living organisms as it plays a paramount role in the conservation of bio diversity on earth. Our planet is gifted with a variety of living organisms and the fact that it is the only planet where life thrives deserves mentioning. When the living component on earth is considered, it is rich in a diverse range of attributes. The existence of the organism and plants are further enhanced by the favorable conditions that support life on earth. Thus, the diversity found among these biological aspects is paramount in maintaining the balance of the eco system as the relevant biological mechanisms that take place within the living component are mutually related.


Thus, we should always ensure that our actions align with the protocols in relation to the conservation of the natural environment. Have you heard of the endangered species of plants and animals? They are the species that are threatened in their environment and there lies a risk of extinction of those organisms which typically occurs as a result of victimization by other powerful animals, unfavorable conditions in the environment and the scarcity of food and water. Thus, our planet will lose that particular species permanently and it will pose a risk to the existence of our natural environment.



As a matter of fact, certain phases of the life cycles of some organisms are threatened within their environment. These stages are elucidated as sensitive stages of their life cycles and extinction of that species is possible if this particular stage is destroyed completely. For an instance, the sensitive stage of a certain species of insects can be cited as the larvae phase while the eggs are exposed to a majority of risk in the case of fish. The eggs and the tadpoles are the most sensitive stages when we take the life cycle of a frog into account. Conclusively, a proper awareness about the sensitive stages of the organisms is required in order to take immediate steps to conserve that specific species and it will eventually contribute towards the conservation of biodiversity.









by Mekhala Egodawele

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