Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 2
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Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 2

Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 2

Dear Children, we learnt that man cannot lead an isolated life and as a member of the society he needs co-operation from the others. If we consider the family as a unit, it provides a child with the required protection and other emotional needs like affection and kindness. A child is initially nourished and molded by the family members prior to his/her entry in to the society. The family raises the child by rendering numerous services right from the stage of infancy. It should be noted that the way a child is being raised determines his/her behavior and personality to a greater extent. Children tend to follow the elders and the behavior portrayed by them.


Thus, if a child is brought up by inculcating virtues and sound qualities from the initial stage itself, it will undoubtedly lead to the birth of good, decent individuals whose behavior and conduct will pose a favorable impact on the society as a whole. Thus, it deserves mentioning that several individuals play a role of paramount role in raising good citizens in a society and no one can live alone and isolated in life. Even in the latter parts of our life, we depend on the support we receive from other people who are around us. For an instance, for numerous events in life such as funerals, weddings, daily chores, official work and educational activities, the support of other individuals and various institutions like religious places of worship, etc is essential. It should also be noted, that it is hard to imagine a life without the support and co-operation of others. Mutual co-operation and sound interrelationships create bonds among people and link them across the world despite the physical distance. Furthermore, it makes our work easy and effective. We shall explore the significance of mutual cooperation further in the upcoming articles. 








by Mekhala Egodawele 

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