A fact bolt on the types of Printers

A fact bolt on the types of Printers

A printer is an output device that is used to transfer a soft copy in the computer into a format of a hardcopy. There are two main types of printers. They are,


Impact Printers and Non-impact printers


Impact Printers


These types of printers print characters or images by using an inked ribbon. In comparison to non-impact printers they are generally slower, generates noise, less expensive and uses continuous sheets of paper, generating a low quality printout.



  • Chain Printer



This is an early line printer that uses typed slugs linked together in a chain. Here the chains spin horizontally around a set of hammers and thus when the desired characters are in front of the selected print column, the correspondent hammer strikes the paper into the inked ribbon and onto the characters of the chain.

  • Line Printer



This is a fast printer which prints one row at a time. It can print about 3000 lines per minute.


Non- impact Printers

 These types of printers print characters or images without the usage of an inked ribbon but through heat or lasers, using toner or cartridge. In comparison to impact printers they are generally faster, generates no noise but more expensive and uses individual sheets of paper, generating a high quality printout.




  • Laser Printer


In a laser printer, the toner in a cartridge is applied on the paper to produce a printout. Both black and white, as well as colored laser printouts can be obtained. Generally clear and high in quality.


  • Ink jet/Bubble Printer

Liquid ink is stored in tanks, kept in the cartridge and the ink is deposited on paper through small nozzles.


  • Thermal Printer



Heat is used to print a document. It is commonly used in business industries to print receipts from the ATM and label printing places.








by Neluka Panabokke

Photo source : Internet