Ballerina - First Sri Lankan programming language
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Ballerina - First Sri Lankan programming language

Ballerina - First Sri Lankan programming language

Sri Lanka recently released their first ever programing language named Ballerina. With bunch of unique features Ballerina has expanded the paradigm of programing to a new generation.

They have given lot of focus on the network which has not been a key element of programming so far. Thus begins an era that helps Fallacies of Distributed Computing via the software programming. Yet another key feature is that the integrated sequence diagrams that helps anybody understand the programs written in Ballerina. The sequence diagram becomes the program and the program becomes the sequence diagram.

The team WSO2 who built Ballerina has done a wonderful thing by bringing in the dynamic programming back into the arena. Yet to ensure they drop the drawbacks of the Dynamic typing they have merged the static typing and dynamic typing.

Immerging from Sri Lanka Ballerina will be an icon that will get lot of attention from the developer community all over the world. Yet to achieve this they will need the Sri Lankan Developer community support to build a big buzz around it. Contributing to the ballerina and creating a developer community around it becomes the responsibility of every software boutique within the country. This is definitely a milestone for the Tech community in Sri Lanka and a more organized wave of contributing to the Ballerina community should be done in order to ensure this language would reach the heights that its destined to reach.

If each of the software company dedicates one engineer to learn Ballerina and go through a R&D phase for couple of months to see how it could be feasible for them create industry level software solutions for their clients the language will have more chances of succeeding,

WSO2 also should consider finding clients who are willing to accept their software solutions done from Ballerina and inviting other companies to merge with them to develop the software. This way more and more engineers who are in the industry will get hands on experience and the managements of other software companies will also be willing to invest resources and time in Ballerina as WSO2 will help them find projects.


A programming language that doesn't change the way you think about programming is not worth knowing." - Alan Perlis, 1922-1990


by Praveen Nayanananda

Photo credits : Internet