More inclined to support Sajith - Hakeem
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More inclined to support Sajith - Hakeem

More inclined to support Sajith - Hakeem

Leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and Minister Rauff Hakeem said the SLMC would support the most popular Presidential Candidate from the UNP and believes it is Minister Sajith Premadasa. Speaking to reporters he said the SLMC held talks with Minister Sajith Premadasa and the SLMC is interested in supporting Sajith Premadasa.


Commenting on Karu Jayasuriya’s popularity, Rauff Hakeem said the position Jayasuriya is in, is questionable.


He says that he hopes the United National Party (UNP) will nominate a popular candidate for the presidential election.


However, a final decision regarding the matter has not been informed yet, he said. He believes that the decision will be made by the end of next week, he added.


Once the UNP makes their decision, his party will subsequently discuss and announce their decision as well, said Hakeem.


Responding to a question by a journalist, Minister Hakeem said that he is more inclined towards supporting Sajith Premadasa.


When inquired on the potential candidacy of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, the Minister said that there is an issue with regard to his popularity.