Care for COVID 19 patients
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Care for COVID 19 patients

Care for COVID 19 patients

Anyone suspected of being infected with the new corona virus should seek immediate medical attention. Residents also have a special responsibility for the patient. In this case of Covid - 19 There are many things residents can do to help a patient recover. People who are slightly infected with the new corona virus usually heals in about two weeks but in severe cases it takes 3-6 weeks to heal. According to the latest studies, Covid-19 is a disease that can cause complications in some people, both mild and severe. Due to changes in the immune system caused by this disease, some symptoms can appear up to ten weeks after infection. This is why patients need long-term care. Researchers have found that people with new coronavirus infections are more likely to recover if they receive good support from their family members. Long-term Covid - 19 There are a number of symptoms that can occur after being infected with the corona virus, a condition known by various names, such as post-acute Covid-19 syndrome.


Persistent Fatigue


The majority of patients experience it. This lasts for months. Feeling physically as well as mentally exhausted. Residents should be well aware of this situation.


Heart Problems


Covid - 19 can cause myocarditis, a condition that causes inflammation of the heart muscle. There is a risk of developing heart failure.



Other conditions include,


- Shortness of breath

- Incurable cough

- Muscle aches

- Headaches

- Neurological problems

- Other mental health problems.


Covid-19 is still like an unread book. There are many unrecognized situations. If an infected person in your family has these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. It takes time for such ones to return to their normal way of life. So give them the support that they need as family members. And help them to live the normal life as usual.







by Kaushalya De Silva

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