Do you have a neck pain when you wake up?
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Do you have a neck pain when you wake up?

Do you have a neck pain when you wake up?

Neck pain is one of the most common symptoms in many patients today. Many people who suffer from this disease that leads a very painful life. Although it is considered to be the most common disease especially among middle aged people, it affects people of all genders and ages. There are many causes for neck pain. These diseases are caused by degenerative disc disease, especially in the middle -aged people. At first there is a slight pain in the neck but later the pain gradually increases. At the same time, some patients experience numbness in the fingers. Another major cause of neck pain is wrong posture and your ways.


Neck pain can also be caused by the use of a pillow that is too high to sleep on, especially when school children are studying in the same position for long time this pain can occur. Time spent with television or cell phones also plays a role in giving you a neck pain. In addition, neck pain can be caused by a tightness in the muscles and ligaments around the neck. Accidents can cause damage to the muscles, ligaments and bones of the neck or around them. In addition, neck pain can be caused by other medical conditions as well. Neck pain can occur, especially in cases of tuberculosis, meningitis, infections, and fibromyalgia. Spinal cramps and collisions with each other are a common disease among many people. This is called Spondylosis. Writers, typists, and weightlifters who work with a flexed neck can have neck pain. This is where the gap between the vertebrae narrows. Pain in the neck can spread to the head, arms and spine. This can sometimes lead to numbness in the fingers. The neck is the uppermost part of the spine. The intervertebral disc is located between the vertebrae. This is a jelly-like substance. This allows the spine to bend and stretch easily.


A major function of the spine Is to carry the weight of the body. The spinal cord also protects the spinal cord, the main nerve that communicates between the brain and other organs of the body. Nerve branches that originate from this major nerve travel out through two bones in the spine. The nerve branches that carry the nerve messages to our hands come from the vertebrae in the neck area, which can cause neck pain when any structure changes or is damaged. Depending on the cause of the neck pain, some aches and pains can be treated with a small home remedy. This can be normalized by treatments, especially dab the neck with a cloth soaked with lukewarm water. It is very important to try to change the posture of the neck from time to time without having to bend or lift the neck continuously in the same posture. Also, do not use raised pillow when sleeping.



In cases of neck pain, in addition to the pain, different symptoms may be seen. Fever, headache, and pain in the ear area are especially common. Neck pain after an accident can include numbness in the limbs, difficulty swallowing food, and difficulty in breathing. It can also cause sweating, vomiting and difficulty breathing. In such cases, consult a doctor immediately and seek the necessary advice and treatment. There are very successful treatments for this in Ayurvedic medicine. Treatment options vary according to the cause of the disease and the symptoms. Treatment is by external and internal drugs. It is better to prevent the disease than to treat it though. It is especially important for you to avoid mainly being in the wrong position.







by Kaushalya De Silva

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