Value of the mental freedom
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Value of the mental freedom

Value of the mental freedom

All humans in the world love mental freedom since, without that, anyone cannot live. If people have lots of money, properties, vehicles, companionships etc unable to buy this valuable freedom from others in the world because it has to build in peoples' mind. As a human, I'm a greedy person for mental freedom. From my childhood soo many times different people have tried to destroy my mental freedom. I know the one and only reason for that ambition of them is the jealousy. Human Life is only a temporary residence which can be obtained by a person, anyone cannot stay in that residence forever. In the very first of the human as a little infant in hospital, he or she gets the new life by tagging a small card in his or her hand with happiness and new expectations. But after the end of the journey, that same person has to submit his or her body in hospital by tagging a small card in his or her leg. That's the reality of this life. Within that time period, people have to deal with different minded people again and again. Somebody likes to pray for the happiness of others but most of the people expect to give others sad. All of the religious prophets have taught that, please give others their mental freedom, don't try to destroy. But that taught have gone down, cruel attitudes are coming up. That's the reality now. Please don't destroy other mental freedom. If you don't mind about other mental freedom, they can be died again and again in their hearts. That trespass will never depreciate. People always try to be happy, anyone will never prefer to felt with unhappy moments and experiences. Anyone has an ability to protect the others mental freedom, that's the best and the most gift which he or she can be gifted from God, Good heart.



by Sachini Sooriyaarachchi

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