Top 5 Healthy foods
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Top 5 Healthy foods

Top 5 Healthy foods

It is predicted that by the year 2050, the world population will grow to nearly ten billion people. But it is recognized that the world's resources are limited to feed them. To continue to have nutritious food, everyone must contribute to the making of food. Did you know that only 12 plants and five animals make up seventy-five percent of global food? This is not because other plants and animals are not nourished. This is because humans are addicted to stereotypes and flavors.

It has been found that herbal foods are more nutritious than animal-based foods and have less adverse effects. Eating a variety of seeds, grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes will make the meal more versatile. This article aims to describe five nutritious foods. You may not know these are so nutritious even if you know them every day.

Top 5 health foods- Cowpeas

Cowpeas are endemic to Africa, but grow in warm regions around the world, including Southeast Asia. They are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins including magnesium, folate and high nutritional value. Not only Cowpea beans but their leaves taste like other greens, and the pods can be eaten as a stew when young.


Soya is one of the staple foods in the world of protein. Soy accounts for a large portion of global vegetable oil consumption. 100g of raw soybean protein is three times more than meat and eggs. People have been accustomed to using soya in a variety of products. Examples include tofu, soy milk, and miso. It is unfortunate that three quarters of soy products containing nutrients such as iron, potassium, selenium and calcium are taken for the animal, not for human consumption.


Moringa is fast growing and drought resistant. The leaves are very nutritious and grow in abundance throughout the year. Various parts of the tree are used in traditional medicine all over the world. Nutritional supplements containing moringa have recently become popular. A teaspoon of moringa leaves is said to have fed 3 eggs. In South Indian cuisine, you will find moringa, flowers and leaves.

Sesame seeds

Assyrian mythology says the origin of the palette dates back to the creation of the world. These seeds contain high amounts of oil. Chefs around the world use sesame seeds to make food delicious and to cook food. Sesame seeds are used to prepare sushi, soups and salads. Eating more sesame seeds helps to cure heart disease.


Do you know that avocados are the only fruit with fat content? This is why many people refrain from eating avocados. Surprisingly, studies have shown that excessive consumption of ligand reduces blood cholesterol levels, stops oral cancer cells, and even destroys some cells that are pre-cancerous. It contains healthy fats as well as high fiber, vitamin K, vitamin E and B vitamins.


For those of us who are accustomed to a vegan diet, adopting a more vegetarian diet can help make for a healthier diet. It is important for all of us to consume such natural foods. So this article will help you understand the nutrition and ways to prepare the top healthy foods.


Final word

Try to taste these top five healthy foods. Stay with us to enjoy novel information on health and health tips.


by Dilki Shamani

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