The correct way to use hand gel
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The correct way to use hand gel

The correct way to use hand gel

From the day the epidemic virus started to spread, we all started using more and more antiseptic hand gels and sanitizers. Until now, we never had to disinfect our hands when we entered a supermarket. But today it has become a normal thing.

We also check to see if there is a hand gel before we go anywhere. it is a good habbit. However, disinfecting your hands is more important than you think. Besides, by now most people are doing it wrong! Read this article to know why



Wash your hands

We all know that hand washing is the best way to disinfect our hands. In the early days of this virus, a great deal of attention was paid to washing our hands properly. The media also explained to us on how to do it right from various instructional videos.

But we do not always have water to wash our hands in every shop we go to or outside places. As a solution to this we started using antiseptic hand gel. But do you really know how to use them properly?



The correct way to disinfect your hands

First you press the pump into the disinfectant hand gel. If possible, try to do it with your elbows. If it is difficult to do so, disinfect the pump first with the most pressed fingertip gel.

You need to rub your hands together for at least 30 seconds to properly disinfect your hands. Do not forget to clean between your hands as well as your fingers. Do you find it practically impossible to concentrate for 30 seconds?

Then sing the song "Happy Birthday to You ..." three times while applying the gel. By the end of the third season, your hands are simply disinfected!




Do you suffer from dehydration?

Another thing that many people do is wash their hands often and their hands usually start to dry out more than usual. Do you know how to keep your hands beautiful, soft and moisturized again?

Take a simple hand cream and apply a little more on the hands. Make this your daily routine. Rub your hands with the cream after washing using disinfectant.

But do not use alcohol or perfumed hand creams. Because the chemical ingredients in it can make your hands even drier.






by Kaushalya De Silva

Photo source : Internet