Stress - Enemy of good mood
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Stress - Enemy of good mood

Stress - Enemy of good mood

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. Everyone of us has experienced it at some times, and few people manage to keep it under control all the time. Stress comes both from outside and from inside. Outside stresses reflect the pressure you are under all the burden you are carrying Your job, the demands your children or parents make on you , savings , bills and other things. Internal source of stress also include feelings and attitudes. Wanting to do your job well, to succeed to be like or to make other people happy puts pressure on you. Feeling worried, angry or jealous saps your energy. If you think too much about something it becomes pressure to your mind. And also stress effect on your physical body. Stress can also cause bowel problems, tummy pain, notably diarrheas,  as well as headache and it’s probably makes asthma attacks.


 These tips will help you to get ride from the stress


  •      - Recognise your own signs.

The better you know your own signs, the better you will be able to cope with the problem.  Learn about yourself by focusing on situations and times when you know you were stressed in the past you can then learn to recognise your science early in order, in future to make action before the stress get out of hand.


  •       - Don’t try to control the uncontrollable.

Focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to problems. Because many things in  life are beyond our control.


  •       - Share your feelings.

Talk to trusted friend and relax your mind.


  •       - Recreation

Hobbies are usually recreational. Recreation makes you feel better about yourself more fulfilled, more satisfied, more interested, and more in gauge in the world outside that of your own personal concern.




by  B.B.M.S.P.Perera

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