Kitchen Tips
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Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

Cooking is fun but when it comes to time? It's easy if we can save time by using extraordinary tips and tricks in the kitchen. These easy kitchen tips will help you. Try them out yourself.


# To easily peel a Tomato you must first switch on the gas cooker and then place the tomato for a low heat using a fork. In a few minutes, you can see the skin of the tomato lifting. Now you can easily peel it off.


# Cut a carrot diagonally and then use it to descale a fish. Really it's simple.


# Take a bowl and a glass. Turn the glass and keep it in the bowl. Now you can use the glass bottom as a lemon juice squeezer.


# Like to try a Homemade Mayonnaise? Add seed oil, egg, mustard, salt, sugar and lemon juice to a blender. Blend it well. You have got mayonnaise ready to use.



# Blend peanuts in a blender till it becomes a thick paste. Great! Now you have yourself peanut butter.


# Scrub the skin of a carrot using steel wool to get rid of dirt.


# To divide egg yolk and whites, take a bowl and keep a spoon with small holes on top of it break the egg and put it on top of the spoon. The egg yolk will remain on the spoon and white in a bowl.


# When you add a teabag in a teacup tuck in the cord of it in the handle of the cup and then pour hot water. Try these tricks at home. Sure it will make things easy as well as quick.



by Kaushalya De Silva

Photo Source: Internet