Evolution of Management thinking
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Evolution of Management thinking

Evolution of Management thinking

An organization is a collection of people. Thus the basic building block of any organization is people, not buildings Machines, or money. When operating an organization becomes beyond the capability of one single person to perform and deliver, it has to involve other people. Then the immediate issue is to be considered that how people can work together to deliver results for the organization. The organization has to think about how work can be allocated among people whose efforts will essentially have to co-ordinate. If this location and coordination mechanism is not working properly organization may not work effectively and efficiently. The reasons for such a situation can be viewed. There are many management approaches that organizations can use to organize work and to establish the management style as suits to the business. They are the classical approach, the human relations approach, the systems approach, and the situational approach of Management.



The classical approach of management was developed by F. W. Taylor, F.B. Gilberth, Henry Fayol, and O. Ulwick, and many other scholars. According to their thinking organization should have a formal structure of positions and responsibilities. The approach rested on the acceptance of a series of Universal management principles and coordination, line of authority and responsibility, the functional differentiation of posts, a span of control, and lines of communication, all of which should be geared to a hierarchy of Management. F. W. Taylor is considered as the father of scientific management. He was born in 1856 in the USA and was an engineer. During his career, he observed the inefficiencies arising from relationships between management and the employees in organizations. He created a scientific method to do the work following one best method to align with division of labor and specialization. Henri Fayol is considered as the father of the management. Fayol was another classical thinker who was born in France in 1841. He started his profession as a mining engineer and ultimately became a General Manager. Fayol developed an interest in management training and attempted to analyze management and to evolve a series of Management principles that could be taught and trained.



by Sachini Sooriyaarachchi

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