The Importance of Social media
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The Importance of Social media

The Importance of Social media

With the dawn of the 21st century and the development of technology, social media plays an important role in providing a networking space for people to connect with the World via Internet. Social media is commonly used for inter communication and to be updated on the latest news premiering around the World within a small amount of time.


Nowadays, the most frequently used type of social media is considered as ‘Facebook’ according to the current statistics. Other similar platforms include Instagram and Twitter. For example, these media allow users to follow friends from around the World and keep in touch by posting and sharing their own thoughts on a vast platform. Social media also includes instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Viber etc which are only used for broadcasting and communication purposes, hence by audio or video calling. Such applications are more private and secure where as they function with one’s personal telephone number.


As we all know, every resource comes with their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that, for those who live abroad, have the ability to communicate with their loved ones despite their geographical locations in a real time mode. For those who travel, weather updates are provided through news blogs. Relatively, educational facts and shopping blogs could be followed to share their interests on a wider scale. Moreover, for those who are interested in the arts and cinema, live streams and quick updates are released through Youtube in 24 hours.  On the other hand social media actually helps people to be more open and take necessary use of the facilities provided to overcome a monotonous life.



Educating those on the disadvantages, the most prominent is Cybercrime because with the presence of the Dark web, hackers tend to access ones privacy unauthorizely in order to steal valuable information. Yet certain solutions can be noted to secure our privacy by simple methods such as using strong passwords and logging out when not in use. The demerits of social media is that the Internet is owned by no one and thus anyone is allowed to create unwanted sites with the use of ads to captivate users. Yet Social media cannot be blamed, for it is a requirement for the recreation of a human being in positive approach. Thus it all comes down to how we use social media with good intentions as they are all the inventions of great minds.








By Neluka Panabokke

Photo source : Internet