The Beauty in Reading
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The Beauty in Reading

The Beauty in Reading

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book”



We all know that reading is an exceptionally good habit that carries many advantages. It is a habit that does not require age. Most adults still read as a leisure time activity, contrast to nowadays. With the dawn of the 21st century, it not only carries a positive impact but also a negative impact especially among the youth today.


With the development of different technological resources, the youth, including the adolescents have been influenced, thus the activities of brain development such as reading tend to be disappearing in the World. For example, reading develops the vocabulary of a person because when we read, we come across new words and references to their meanings. Similarly, ones thinking capacity in terms of creativity increases. We learn to imagine the appearance of characters according to our visions in reality and learn plenty about the society in which the movies were released in.


Reading a book can take a long time and that's why most children like to surf the internet directly and surf everything they want to know but reading gives the experience. Video games can be another burden because from the very beginning, the young ones start paying and sometimes when the parents have to leave, they switch on the television instead or hand over a video game to keep their kids in company and this is another reason to distance the children from reading.



Young people should be taught to read or else our future would be uneducated. Even if a book may not be as colorful as a film or video game, it is a source, the most valuable and interesting and it is discovered by the people who read it. We, the adults, it is our duty to save our children from all distractions for reading should be promoted to young people for a better and educated future.






by Neluka Panabokke

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