To The Evening Star : Part 01
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To The Evening Star : Part 01

To The Evening Star : Part 01

To The Evening Star By William Blake ( 1757 - 1827 ) THOU , fair - hair'd angle of the evening , Now, whilst the sun rests on the mountains light, Thy bright torch of love ; thy radiant crown Put on, and smile upon our evening bed ! Smile on our loves, and while thou drawest the Blue curtains of the sky, Scatter thy silver dew On every flower that shuts it sweet eyes In timely sleep.Let thy west wind sleep on The lake ; speak silence with thy glimmering eyes, And wash the dusk silver soon, full soon, Dost thou withdraw , then the wolf rages wide, And then the lion glares through the dun forest ; The fleeces of our flocks are cover'd with Thy sacred dew ; protect them with thine influence ! Dear children , Today we are discussing with you about another beautiful poem, which is in your English Literature Textbook. This poem is written by the famous poet William Blake.


A part from being a poet he was a painter as well as a printmaker. He is a seminal figure in the history of poetry and visual arts of the Romantic age. With his production of diverse and rich symbolical poetry. Which embraced the imagination as " The body of God " or as the " Human Existence itself. " This poem can be defined as a sonnet. Which addresses an Evening Star which of course is planet venus seeing in the evening sky after sunset. This is the most brilliant of all planets. In some of the Greek and Roman stories Venus was named as the Goddess of love. When describing this poem the first lines introduces the Star as a Fair - haired angel of the evening. In the next two lines he reveals the beauty of the star which is visible in the heaven. And it is a solitary star before the moon. Here the poet has personified the evening star and he takes it as to a beautiful angel when the sun sets on the mountain. It is a Metaphor. She has put on a crown and with much love and affection she appears in the sky and smiles to her beloved ones. She shines bright in the sky and scatters her dew on the flowers when everyone shuts their eyes and is getting ready to go to sleep, and she let's the wind to sleep on the lake.



Here all the qualities shows the friendlyness as well as the softness, innocence of the star. The star is facilitating all lovers. " Smile on our loves " These lines shows the high poetic imagination of a very fancyfull picture to favourable lovers. And if so she is absent from the scene, then the evil forces peaks into the world, The wolf comes out in rage, The lion glares through the forests. The innocent animals like deers and sheeps e.t.c are covered with her sacred dews as the poet finally requests the Evening Star to protect them from the danger and the darkness of the night.






by Kaushalya De Silva

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