Grade 9 Life skills : World of Work - Part 19
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Grade 9 Life skills : World of Work - Part 19

Grade 9 Life skills : World of Work - Part 19

 Today, as people are entangled in the hectic routine in life, it is quite challenging for many of them to balance their personal life and work. Work – life balance is crucial for a successful and a happy life. Thus, one must not give preference to personal life or work in a way that their attention is diverted in favor of one aspect because it will make you encounter with numerous issues in life. You will either have problems in personal relationships and bonds or it might affect your job negatively and make your employer disappointed. Thus, it is clear that a proper balance must be maintained in order to survive in life successfully.


Moreover, we require both emotional and financial support to thrive in life.  An individual must involve in five major types of activities in life in order to maintain balance. One’s professional life will involve the typical tasks at work and it depends on one’s job role. However, some general activities involved with a job can be cited as attending meetings/conferences, preparation of documents/reports, undergoing training and etc. In one’s family life, he or she pays attention to the education of children, picnics/family trips, renovation of houses, getting medical treatment for diseases and other daily chores in the house. The activities involved with personal life are maintenance of personal hygiene, meeting friends/relatives and gaining educational / professional qualifications.



Public / social services, social work, volunteering and patronizing the religious activities are the activities of a social life of a person. It is also important to separate some time for your spiritual wellbeing as well where one can focus on building spiritual development and engage in religious activities. Meditation can be cited as an example for this. All in all, a balanced life will be a combination of all five aspects described above. As an individual maintains work life balance, it is also essential that he or she keeps him/her self away from anti-social activities or misdeeds and avoid negative influences in life. One should not chase monetary benefits beyond a certain limit as it will also result in an imbalance in life.


The issues pertaining to financial difficulties may lead to chaotic situations in one’s family and profession. Thus, it is crucial to manage finance according to one’s income and capacity while ensuring that he or she leads a satisfied life that is balanced in every aspect. Remember, what matters at the end is the positive impact you have created in your personal life and the society around you. It is paramount that you work as a responsible and a virtuous citizen in the world of work while contributing to personal and social development through a well-balanced life style.  








by Mekhala Egodawele

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