Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 4
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Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 4

Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 4

In addition to the family, other institutions like the school, religious places of worship and preschools play a significant role in molding a child. These institutions also help them to become virtuous citizens despite the fact that some of them face informal development within their family environment. The clergy who represent a number of religions guide and direct the children in order to mold them into virtuous individuals. For an instance, the dhamma schools help a child to adopt to the society and instill knowledge in relation to religious practices and teachings in him/her. This allows the child to apply them in his real life scenarios and act with sound responsibility.


When we consider the environment of a school it not only educates the child not only in relation to academic work, but it specifically allows the child to learn the values, discipline and develop one’s personality. In fact, it provides an ideal platform to identify one’s skills and areas that needs improvement. You will be uplifted by the individuals who are in the school environment and this will help you to improve them further. For an instance, students are given plenty of opportunities to take part in sports activities, present skills in aesthetic areas like dancing, music, drama and art, improve technical skills, take part in debates, take up leadership roles and take part in sports activities  and other competitions. School will improve the skills of individuals and uplift them further by guiding them in the right direction.



All in all, the experience one gains from these institutions will undoubtedly pave way towards facilitating one’s personal development. Eventually they all help in molding an individual who will work for the betterment of the society he / she lives in. For an instance, for an individual to climb up his or her carrier ladder these skills and experiences will be quite useful.  Thus, a number of individuals and institutions have contributed greatly towards making us who we are today and we should be mindful of the fact that it is their support and guidance that helped us to develop ourselves up-to-date. It is our prime duty to act as responsible citizens and avoid being selfish as we have not taken up this venture all by ourselves. 









by Mekhala Egodawele

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