Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 1
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Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 1

Grade 7 Life Skills : We are Friends - Part 1

Human beings are social animals where no man can live alone and lead an isolated life. We all require support and co-operation from those who are around us. Numerous challenges and diverse situations are present in our lives and we should work with other people in co-operation. It is essential that we maintain healthy and productive relationships with each other while exercising mutual co-operation among each other.

Mutual co-operation has been prevalent even among the members of the tribal societies in the ancient era. For an instance, people worked in unity and mutual co-operation during the hunting age where they went on searching and hunting animals as groups. Animals also stay together as groups especially when they attack the enemies, fulfilling their needs and search for prey. Despite the fact that the animals have a lower level of intelligence when compared with man, it should be noted that they also showcase inter relationships among each other. The way bees work in unison to perform all tasks in their colony can be cited as an example for this.



When people fulfill their duties and responsibilities appropriately, the birth of cordiality takes place among each other. This results in inter-personal relationships in the society. It should be noted that when people fail to perform their duties and fulfill the responsibility, the credibility or the trust among them is damaged to a greater extent, resulting in the decline of inter-personal relationships. Eventually it will cause the social system and the values to collapse. Hence, when everyone who is a part of group or the society contributes to the best of their abilities and fulfills the duties and responsibilities, it will undoubtedly facilitate the achievement of the goals in unison while facing the barriers successfully. Mutual Co-operation among each other is therefore paramount in reaching the goals easily.







by Mekhala Egodawele

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